Earthastic Reusable Food wraps are a great alternative to single-use plastic, zip-lock bags, sandwich bags and traditional cling wrap. And the best part? They will last you up to 1 year long!


Produced in Australia’s beautiful Hunter Valley with 100% natural ingredients and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Earthastic Food wraps are an environment-friendly way to wrap, cover, store and carry food.


Earthastic Food wraps are breathable, which means they mimic the natural properties of food skins and peels – keeping your food fresher, crispier and tastier for longer!

Wrap & Store

  • Cut fruits and vegetables (our favourites – apple, avocado, tomato, lime & lemon, pumpkin, cabbage, celery)



  • Salad bowls, leftovers, plates



  • Into pouches for sandwiches, carrots, berries, crackers and more


Set of 3 wraps (Each set contains assorted designs)

  • Small - 17 x 17cm
  • Medium - 30 x 25cm
  • Large - 34 x 34cm



Earthastic Food wraps - Ethical &   Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing Policy


At Earthastic, we’re extremely proud to use only ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients to manufacture our reusable food wraps. Transparency and Quality are our biggest values, and it’s therefore extremely important to us that we can provide YOU as a conscious consumer with all this info. That way you know exactly what you are getting, where it is sourced from, and how it helps us provide you the best and most sustainable product. 



1. Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified)

Earthastic reusable food wraps are made from GOTS Certified, ethically sourced organic cotton from India. The cotton supplier only use azo-free, low impact or herbal dyes which are completely food safe (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification), recycle left over fabric, and lastly the excess dye gets used as a fertiliser for their organic vegetable farm. Using cotton manufactured under the GOTS Fair Trade guidelines means our wraps are able to meet exceptionally high international standards of ethical production.


2. Organic Australian Beeswax

This is where the magic happens. Our pure organic beeswax comes from Lismore, NSW. The Australian bees produce the wonderful wax which is the key ingredient in the blend of ingredients used to coat the cotton to make our wraps. We ensure the wax sourced is of the highest available quality, and most importantly the bees which are responsible for producing it are cared for and unharmed during the entire process. We accept nothing but the best and most sustainable global standards for bee keeping and wax harvesting!


3. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Our organic certified coconut oil comes from the beautiful Papua New Guinea, where wild coconuts are harvested from over 200 village families who farm on their own land in villages. Not only does this provide a reliable income to local farmers, you’d be happy to hear that more than half of coconut suppliers are women - breaking all stereotypes and gender roles.


4. Dammar Tree Resin 

Earthastic reusable food wraps use only naturally occuring Dammar tree resin from Indonesia, which acts as Earth’s natural gum - providing the nice but balanced stickiness in your food wraps.


Deforestation, you wonder? Not a chance! We actually contribute to a lack of deforestation with our sourcing of dammar resin, as local farmers make a higher income from acquiring tree resin from living trees. This incentivises them to keep the trees alive instead of making less money by cutting them. 


Dammar harvesting has become a great alternative to deforestation, and this industry practice is responsible for keeping most of the Indonesian rainforests alive.


5. Aussie Jojoba Oil 

Our jojoba oil is sourced directly from local Aussie family farms around the New England region of NSW. We are therefore able to support local Australian producers who only ever follow sustainable farming practices. Most importantly - the jojoba oil is free from any artificial colours and preservatives whatsoever!

Earthastic Reusable Food Wraps

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