Hi there, we’re Earthastic and we are proud to introduce our NEW 100% Organic and Sustainable Designer shopping bag collection! Reflect the current fashion trend and be your stylish fashionista self with the kindest and the most fashionable bags you’ll ever use.


‘How on EARTH do you do that?’ we hear you ask?!

 ALL of our bags are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
 They carry the Bags of Ethics™ label (which promotes a responsible supply chain and environmentally-friendly practices across the entire production process)
 Our printed ink is 100% REACH compliant (an EU standard that promotes the use of ecologically responsible paints and inks)



 ONE BAG, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Earthastic bags are multifunctional to use - as an everyday handbag, for the beach, picnics, travel, groceries, market or to the gym

 PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: With its unique poppy colours and trendy prints, Earthastic bags are the perfect sustainable gift for your loved ones

 PREMIUM MATERIAL: Earthastic bags are eco-friendly and made from 100% organic cotton

 STRONG, SPACIOUS AND STURDY: Earthastic bags can hold in excess of 10kg of weight

 DURABLE, LONG & COMFORTABLE HANDLES: The bag is 38cm wide and 43cm high, and has 62cm long handles (stitch-to-stitch), making it incredibly easy and comfortable to hold or easily carry the bag on your shoulders

 100% ECO-FRIENDLY, ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE: Like all Earthastic products, our bags are good for people and the planet

 EASY TO CLEAN: Earthastic bags can easily be hand-washed using a mild soap, cloth and some lukewarm water.


  • LENGTH - 43cm
  • WIDTH - 38cm
  • HANDLE - 62cm (stitch-to-stitch)




At Earthastic, we’re extremely proud to use only ethical and sustainably practices to manufacture our bags. Transparency and Quality are our biggest values, and it’s therefore extremely important to us that we can provide YOU as a conscious consumer with all this info. That way you know exactly what you are getting, where it is sourced from, and how it helps us provide you the best and most sustainable product!

1. FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION: We are delighted to have our suppliers acknowledged by Fairtrade – an international labelling standard that allows customers to display solidarity with those involved in the producing their commodities. They have strict codes of ethics centered on fair wages, occupational safety and wellbeing, and environmental practice.


2. FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: Production of our bags takes place in Pondicherry, South India, where 9/10 of our team is female! This not only provides a fantastic way to support the local economy and households, but also encourages females to be independent and work in a fair and safe environment!


3. 100% ORGANIC COTTON (GOTS CERTIFIED): The Global Organic Textile Standard is recognised as the predominant processing standard for organic textile fibres. It requires producers to operate under strict criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and also requires compliance to social criteria. We are proud to offer you Earthastic bags which are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.


4. BAGS OF ETHICS™: The Bags of Ethics label promotes a responsible supply chain and environmentally-friendly practices across the entire production process – from the designers, to famers, tailors etc. It is a positive label that recognises those who have made conscious efforts to promote environmentally and socially sustainable practice.

5. R.E.A.C.H COMPLIANT: R.E.A.C.H stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals. The R.E.A.C.H standard is an EU standard that promotes the use of ecologically responsible paints and inks. It focuses on the production and use of various chemical substances, and their potential impacts on human health and the natural world. We are proud to use REACH compliant inks for painting the beautiful patterns you see on your Earthastic bags.


6. CARBON OFFSET SCHEME: When it comes to planetary preservation, it is not enough to just manufacture commodities sustainably, it is also important to invest in practices that counteract the impacts of the supply chain as a whole. Our suppliers plant a tree for every 1,000 units they make!

Earthastic Designer Shopping Bags

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