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What if a company was born

out of sustainability? 

Not to meet business targets, please shareholders or jump on the ethical bandwagon. But because it truly believed there was a way to offer people brilliant products while at the same time being kind to the planet? What would that look like?

This was how Earthastic started and where it continues to evolve from today...

8 million

tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year


It's time to be kind to both people

AND the planet

We like to think of it as ‘people and planet first’. A new approach that only fresh-thinking companies can adopt without bad corporate habits getting in the way. It won’t be easy, but then nothing worth doing ever is. But we’re super confident that with passion and hard work we’ll get there. 

What we’ve got to offer:

Thoughts – Ideas that make your lifestyle more sustainable by the day


Things – Amazing products of incredible quality, that are also eco-friendly and sustainable.


Action – Campaigns that raise awareness, change behavior and challenge systems. 

Plastic Polluted Ocean





Who We Are

We’re a growing band of thinkers, makers and activists...

And we are determined to force a change and make sustainable products that are great for both people and planet.


As we grow, our mission is to move closer to becoming a one stop shop for those looking to do things better.


Whether you’re looking for ethical food, reusable products, new ways to be sustainable or a campaign to get behind, there’ll be a great alternative right here.


We’re NOT there yet. In fact, we’ve only just begun. But we believe it’s the right time to question how we live. 

Young People at a Workshop
Who we are

Sincere Sustainability

It’s not your average business model. We like to think of it as ‘people and planet first’. Our focus is building a platform for a like-minded community who want to embrace modern sustainability.


We’re going to make that goal a reality by connecting, inspiring and educating. With incredible quality products that are a joy to use and never let you down. And with advice and input that make sustainable living achievable not overwhelming.

Our promise to you - 100% Eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic products

Premium products of all shapes and sizes – reusable, hard wearing and beautifully made. Whatever we make will be totally worthy of your money and time, else we will not make it.

We only work with good people We actively shun influencers, organisations and makers who don’t play fair. If it isn’t ethically sound, we won’t be a part of it.

Organic & Fairtrade All our food is organic and wherever possible Fairtrade or better.

No smoke, no mirrors what you see is what you get. We’ll be honest every step of the way.

Helping not telling No more lectures! Let’s get on and make the changes together. We’ll make it easier for you every step of the way.

You’re more than a follower – You’re part of the solution. We always look for ways to support and delight our community.

Perfectly imperfect We are human after all. So if we make mistakes or need to improve something, we’ll be honest about that.

Sincere Sustainability
Why Earthastic


Shout it from the Mountain Top.

Or if you’re not near a mountain, social media will do just great. Follow us to become an instant Earthastic ambassador and part of our progress. 

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